Monday, November 24, 2008

Use Her Friends To Get To Her

At some point in your endless search for love if you ever feel nervous about approaching a woman by yourself use her friends to get to her. Women take their friends everywhere. Using her friends would be much more comfortable for you with no worries of getting interrupted. Do not tell her friend everything about yourself!

The information should only entice the prospective lady to know more about you. Like the back cover of an interesting book that is only to tempt and not disclose. Do not get too friendly with her friend since it will most likely be a female. Don't make the mistake of flirting with her if she does with you. She may be doing it to check your integrity.

If you start flirting with her you wouldn't get her for sure and you would also lose the woman you were trying to reach. Be careful if her friend is male he could end up double-crossing you and make you look like an ass in front of her.

If you have trouble starting a relationship with any woman even if you use her friends there is something wrong with your approach. The most common mistake committed by men is that in all their approaches they play on the same field. Look at other places too.

That should happen as a way of life. I mean there is always a possibility of finding a hot babe at a gas station or a hospital. Once you do that you would realize how different women respond differently.

So if you have been unsuccessfully trying to woo your office beauties, dump them and hitch your wagon towards that bar. Get a little tipsy and start flirting with that barmaid as a starter! Practice makes perfect. Practice till you develop a system that can sweep women right off their feet. Don't give up in frustration try until you succeed.

This is one reason I would always suggest you log on to a popular dating site and post a decent profile of yours. Your woman should be in sync with you. If you are normally in agreement with each other there is no reason why you shouldn't be moving ahead with her.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 Easy Techniques To Meet Women Online

Dating sites are a refuge for men who whine about where to find the right women. The best part about online dating is you don't have to fear any rejections as you connect only with like minded women. The type of relationship you want to have is up to you whether it be romantic or sexual or simple friendship. Imagine how difficult otherwise it is to know who is single and ready to mingle. Often men end up wasting a lot of time in the intial stage itself.

Though being on a dating site doesn't mean you get inundated with requests from dozens of women day one onwards. You need to have an impressive profile to lure them by meticulously mentioning interesting aspects about yourself, what you are looking for in life and the woman you would like to go around with.

You do not have to show desperation by writing something like- 'looking for a good lay' on your profile. In that case you can choose the desired option in the menu and simply wait for some hot woman approaching you only to get laid!

Write enticing words about yourself. Remember your goal should be to make women want to know more about you. You will have to be a shrewd marketer here. Instead of writing- 'I am a fun-loving guy who loves traveling', be more creative and play around with words.

A better way would be to say something like- 'Fun-loving as I am, my only wish is to travel to the most exotic places with someone as adventurous and wild as me!' This pretty much conveys you are a high-spirited person who would be a joy to be with and sleep with too!

Obviously, your photo on these sites would get you a much better response. Your pic simply increases the comfort level of a woman you want to hook up with. Rest assured, she isn't expecting a Johnny Depp in that picture. There are a good number of very ordinary looking men experiencing endless love online.

Never lie on these sites. If you have to meet one or more of those women in one day and then it would become difficult for you to reason out your lies. You would be surprised to know that a majority of the members provide correct information and are sincerely looking for partners as they otherwise would offline.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Traditional Hangouts By Single Women That You Can Pick Up For Your Pleasure

Sure, you must try your luck at traditional places like a dance club, bar, gym, or a park. The probability of finding single women is undoubtedly high at these places, only that you could face some competition here. You obviously wouldn't want others chasing the same woman you want for yourself! Also, a dance club becomes a non starter if you can't dance.

A gym is still a better place to practice your wooing skills and there is an advantage as well. Women at gyms put their figures at display by wearing skimpy outfits. Out of the many prospective women there you can choose the one with the right curves at the right places! There can't be a better place to pick up women who you know would make you gasp in the sack.

Another joint thronged by single women is a coffee shop. These women are not party types and could even have that intellectual aura around them. But they don't just sit over there alone for a coffee mug. They could be lonely as many intellectual women are. For all you know they could be dying to have someone beside them with whom they could share their bright ideas and thoughts.

If you are a conversationalist such women would fall for you almost instantly. Having an intelligent conversation with a man for them could be orgasmic! A bar or pub is another area to find single women, though you may not find their standards up to your expectations. A bar or pub would be your best bet if you are looking for someone you can have a one-night stand with. You need to find like-minded women for that purpose who often lurk around such places.